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The four-month rehab of Lagusnilad underpass in Manila has begun

Don’t worry. It’s not a full closure
Lagusnilad underpass in Manila

If you’re travelling within the Manila City Hall’s vicinity, be prepared to brace for heavy traffic. That’s because the rehabilitation of Lagusnilad vehicular underpass has begun, and the roadworks project will take about four months to finish.

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That said, the vehicular underpass won’t be impassable for the time being. One lane of traffic will remain open, so motorists headed for Taft Avenue may still take this route. Of course, there is an alternate route available to relieve the expected congestion in that area.

Lagusnilad underpass in Manila

The alternate route is listed below:

Alternate route for Lagusnilad partial closure

  1. Make a slight right at Padre Burgos Ave.
  2. Turn right at Round Table
  3. Cross Padre Burgos Ave. to Maria Orosa St.
  4. Turn left into Kalaw Avenue
  5. Turn right into Taft Avenue

Once completed, motorists can expect smoother pavement along the vehicular underpass, along with an improved dredging system to prevent flooding that often affects the area.

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