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LRT-1 commuters, have you seen the new Christmas Train yet?

LRMC has cooked up a treat for commuters this holiday season
LRT-1 Christmas Train
PHOTO: LRMC on Facebook

This is it. We’ve officially entered the holiday season. We’re sure you’ve been seeing all the Christmas decorations—not the sea of cars stuck in traffic—light up the metro at night.

For commuters who take the LRT-1 regularly, we reckon some of you have already seen what Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) put up this year: the Christmas Train. This Christmas-themed vehicle is based on the third-generation LRT-1 train set and features a host of decorations, with each train car boasting a different look.

The lucky commuters who get to ride the Christmas Train will also be treated to Christmas music during their trips. They also have the chance to win gifts when they participate in special activities that LRMC has prepared for LRT-1 passengers.


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“We are happy to bring back this Christmas tradition of wrapping select trains at LRT-1 as one of our special treats to our passengers,” said LRMC president and CEO Juan Alfonso. “The LRT-1 Christmas Train is part of our continued efforts to delight our passengers and give them an enjoyable experience, while we also work harder to improve train services for safe, reliable, and comfortable journey.

“This is our sixth year of fully dressing up our LRT-1 trains,” added Alfonso. “We chose ‘Music of Christmas’ as the theme this year as we believe that music brings people together, like in LRT-1, we are bringing people from different places together. This is also our mindset as we journey forward and look ahead to better, brighter times in the coming new year.”

Have any of you here seen the themed train yet? What’s it like this year?

More photos of the LRT-1 Christmas Train:

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PHOTO: LRMC on Facebook
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