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This is what the LRT-1 looked like on the first day of reduced social distancing

Do you think the government is making the right move with this one?
PHOTO: Jerome Ascaño

The decision of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) to reduce the social distancing requirement on public transportation has already taken effect as of this writing. With this move, the government seeks to boost ridership across all modes of transport.

However, doing so will also result in having more commuters confined inside an enclosed space at a particular point in time, which, of course, poses several safety concerns. Not that it matters, anyway, because like we said, the new guidelines have already taken effect.

Now, we’re sure that many of you out there are, like us, curious to see how exactly this “optimized” social distancing guidelines will look like and how it will work out. Well, we have some photos taken inside the LRT-1 during the first day of implementation, which you can see more of below.

We’ll agree if you say the train doesn’t seem too cramped at the moment but do note that the passenger limit will gradually increase as the social distancing requirement is reduced even further over the next few weeks. We reckon that a month from now, the images take inside these trains will look far different.

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Now, to give you an idea of how drastic the changes will be to the LRT-1’s passenger capacity—as well as that of other train lines—check out the list below:


  1. One meter – 155 passengers
  2. 0.75 meters – 204 passengers
  3. 0.5 meters – 255 passengers
  4. 0.3 meters – 300 passengers


  1. One meter – 160 passengers
  2. 0.75 meters – 212 passengers
  3. 0.5 meters – 274 passengers
  4. 0.3 meters – 502  passengers


  1. One meter – 153 passengers
  2. 0.75 meters – 204 passengers
  3. 0.5 meters – 255 passengers
  4. 0.3 meters – 286 passengers


  1. One meter – 166 passengers
  2. 0.75 meters – 184 passengers
  3. 0.5 meters – 256 passengers
  4. 0.3 meters – 320 passengers

What say you, commuters? Your thoughts on this latest move by the government?

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PHOTO: Jerome Ascaño
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