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The LRT-1 Roosevelt Station has been reopened

Heads up, commuters
LRT-1 roosevelt station
PHOTO: LRMC on Facebook

In case you missed it, Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) suspended the operations of the LRT-1 line over the weekend. Not for routine checkups and maintenance, though—it was in preparation for today’s reopening of the Roosevelt Station.

It seems things went well, as the reopening has now pushed through as planned. LRMC shared that it successfully completed all necessary preps to reintegrate the Roosevelt Station under the rail line’s new Alstom signaling system.

“We are happy to announce that our team has completed all the necessary works to ensure that LRT-1 is safe to be operated with the reintegration of Roosevelt Station,” said LRMC chief operating officer Rolando Pulino III. “We at LRMC consider this a great milestone because we know how important this station is for many commuters especially those residing in the north. The whole exercise of reintegrating Roosevelt was likewise a great display of teamwork and cooperation among our LRT-1 employees and external partners.”

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The LRT-1 line will now observe a new schedule following these changes. On weekdays, the last trip from Baclaran will leave at 10pm, while the last one from Roosevelt will depart at 10:15pm. On weekends and holidays, last trips from Baclaran are scheduled at 9:30pm and from Roosevelt at 9:45pm. The first trips for both northbound and southbound trains are still scheduled at 4:30am for weekdays, weekends, and holidays.

The Roosevelt Station was closed on September 5, 2020 to make way for the construction of the Unified Grand Central Station. Today marks the first time the LRT-1 station will be operational in over two years.

Anyone here looking forward to this reopening? How will this affect your daily commute?

LRT-1 operating schedule after Roosevelt Station reopening:

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PHOTO: LRMC on Facebook
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