A compromise agreement has been set between LTFRB, Grab, and Uber

Finally, some good news
by Jason Tulio | Jul 19, 2017

The recent order issued by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board to shut down uncertified Grab and Uber vehicles has caused an uproar in the last few days. Commuters who have come to rely on those services have been hoping and praying for some good news. Well, this bit of new info might be a sign of brighter things to come. 

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According to a statement posted by Senator JV Ejercito on his Facebook page, a compromise agreement has been reached today between the LTFRB, Grab, and Uber. The senator explained that the LTFRB will wait for the ride-sharing companies to file for a Motion for Reconsideration, which in effect would legally suspend and extend the execution of the original order. The concerned parties will continue their discussions to come up with a better long-term fix. 

"I’m glad that we were able to set this meeting for LTFRB and TNVS (Transportation Network Vehicle Service) to come to the table and understand each other," Senator Ejercito said in his statement. "After all, the intention of this meeting was to emphasize the safety and convenience of passengers, and also not to disrupt the good services offered by Grab and Uber to the public."

He added: "We know for a fact that Grab and Uber have thousands of loyal customers. But on this matter, we have to consider LTFRB’s mandate as the government regulatory arm against colorum vehicles. We considered issues raised by LTFRB such as how to determine the extent of Grab and Uber’s accountability in their operations, the safety of the riding public and the basis of TNVS’s dynamic pricing mechanism."

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Senator Ejercito also said he will file a bill that will make the TNVS' operations clear for the LTFRB and other concerned government agencies. What do you guys make of this recent development?

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PHOTO: JV Ejercito Official Facebook Page
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