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Ford GT40

Last weekend, the motoring community was seriously agitated by the publication of a new Land Transportation Office policy that bans the use of vintage cars--or those automobiles 40 years old or older--on weekdays.

As you can imagine, both owners and fans of classic cars expressed their disgust on social media, basically calling the new LTO policy useless and illogical.

Well, all is not lost for these gearheads, it seems. We just got a text message from LTO spokesperson Jason Salvador, sharing with us the official statement of LTO chief Atty. Roberto Cabrera on the matter. Here it is, in italics:

In consideration of the statements of vintage car owners, the LTO and the DOTC have decided to recall the publication of the AO on vintage cars while pursuing consultations with different auto groups. The first of a series of consultations will start tomorrow.

The Administrative  Order was issued and published on April 2, 2016, calling all vintage motor vehicle owners to have their vehicles registered, which will only be allowed to be used on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Primarily, the AO seeks to allow vintage/old/antique cars to be registered with the LTO, a facility not available to owners previously.

The order was likewise issued due to alarming environment hazards brought about by old vehicles running around the country's throughfares. However, classic vintage car owners are seeking consideration since their vehicles' use are now being restricted to weekends, holidays and car-show days.

DOTC and LTO continue to listen to the public and will continue to do so to better serve the people. LTO and vintage car owners are hoping for a win-win status after the consultations.

Thank you, Atty. Cabrera, for listening to the motoring community. We're looking forward to a wise resolution to this issue.


Vernon B. Sarne
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