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LTO fines 8 dealerships for taking too long to register motor vehicles

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The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has fined eight vehicle dealerships for failing to register vehicles in a timely manner.

In a statement, the agency said that the dealerships were fined as much as P20,000 each for not being able to accomplish the vehicle registration process within the required time period.

Under the Rules on the Initial Registration of Motorcycles and Penalties for Violations Thereof, four-wheeled vehicles, the registration process must be done in seven to 11 days. Motorcycle registration, meanwhile, must be done in just three to five days.

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According to the LTO’s statement, one of the offending motorbike dealerships took nine days to accomplish the registration process on its end. Two, meanwhile, took 11 days to register their motorcycles. The LTO added that the offending dealerships will be fined even heftier amounts if they fail to speed up the vehicle registration process on their end.

“Dealers have the responsibility of making sure that the vehicle registration processing time is observed strictly. Any delays may have repercussions on the public or client trying to purchase a vehicle in terms of their need for the vehicle, especially if it is needed for business,” LTO chief Jayart Tugade stressed.

"We don’t want that to happen anymore during my watch,” the official added.

Frankly, P20,000 sounds like a mere slap on the wrist. Do you think these kinds of fines will get these establishments to shape up? Let us know in the comments section.

LTO fines dealerships for slow registration process

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PHOTO: LauraTara/Pixabay
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