Lucky owner receives 10-millionth 3-Series sedan unit at BMW Welt in Munich

In the heart of BMW country
by Gerard Jude Castillo | Sep 28, 2015

BMW 3-Series 10 million

Driving a brand-new car out of a dealer showroom is one of the best feelings in the world. The new-car smell, combined with the shimmer of the fresh paintwork, is simply priceless. So imagine how it feels to pick up a 3-Series at the BMW Welt, Bimmer’s magnificent exhibition facility and distribution center in Munich.

This is what many customers have been treated to since 2007. Some 80 to 120 clients daily receive the keys to their new BMWs on the Premiere stage of this facility. Recently, the German carmaker surprised a lucky customer who received his spanking-new 3-Series sedan. Because this wasn’t an ordinary 3-Series: It was the 10-millionth sedan unit of BMW’s most popular model range.

The landmark model, an Imperial Blue 320d, was purchased by Xaver Bitti, who owns a driving school in Eichstatt, Germany. What would have been a routine delivery at the Premiere ramp turned into a momentous affair, with no less than BMW Group plant head Hermann Bohrer, BMW Welt head Helmut Kas, and a host of factory workers on hand to send off Bitti and his shiny new ride. The staff even held up giant numbers that read "10,000,000."

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Bitti’s 320d is just one of the 14 million 3-Series units of different variants sold around the world. Apart from the sedan, the 3-Series range includes a coupe, a wagon, a convertible and, of course, the coveted M3/M4. Since the car debuted in 1975 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it has gone on to become the most successful nameplate in the automaker’s model lineup.

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And for those lucky enough to know the BMW ownership experience, nothing beats collecting their steed at the BMW Welt. The cylindrical building itself is a sight to behold. No wonder more than 150,000 customers have traveled to the Welt from around the world since 2007 to take delivery of their pride and joy. It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime treats that should be on any car enthusiast’s bucket list. And for Xaver Bitti, we’re pretty sure it is one memory he won’t soon forget.


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