Manila City now rerouting traffic from Jones Bridge

For the construction of Binondo Arch
Mar 31, 2015 Philippine Car News - Manila City gov’t reroutes traffic from Jones Bridge

If you're coming from Lawton or Padre Burgos Avenue going toward Binondo through Jones Bridge in Manila, don't be surprised if you're rerouted to Escolta. That’s because the Manila District Traffic Enforcement Unit has closed off the section of Quintin Paredes right after the bridge to make way for the construction of the Binondo Arch in the area.

Unfortunately, the construction is expected to last for almost three months, since the advisory issued by the Manila District Traffic Enforcement Unit is in effect from March 30 to June 22. As expected, motorists are warned of heavy traffic in the area, and advised to take alternate routes instead.

Good luck if this area is part of your daily route.

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