Here’s how you can get from Manila to Sagada via the new P2P buses

Sleep your way to Sagada through these premium sleeper buses from Manila
PHOTO: Richard Mcall (from Pixabay)

It is now easier to travel from Manila to Sagada, thanks to a bus route by Coda Lines Corporation. Traditionally, to get to Sagada, people would have to stop in Baguio and book another bus ride going to the remote mountaintop. The trip from Baguio to Sagada is roughly six hours long covering a distance of 146km.

Now, from Cubao, you can book a bus and sleep your way to Sagada through Coda Lines’ Manila-to-Sagada trip via Banaue and Bontoc. The company offers two accommodations, the Semi Deluxe bus and the Super Deluxe bus. The Semi Deluxe bus accommodates 45 passengers and has no on-board restroom, while the Super Deluxe accommodates only 35 passengers (it has reclining seats and more legroom for you) and has an on-board restroom.

The fare for the Semi Deluxe is at P760 for a one-way trip from Cubao to Sagada. The fare for the Super Deluxe bus costs P980.

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How to book online

You can book ahead of your planned trip for up to one month in advance or when Coda Lines schedules become available. Here’s how to book in advance.

  1. Go to the Coda Lines website.
  2. Select one-way or round-trip ticket.
  3. Select your travel dates.
  4. Fill out the necessary details such as your date of departure, your departure terminal (select Quezon City), and your destination (select Sagada). After filling these out, click on ‘check availability.’
  5. Select your seats. You will be shown a diagram of the seat plan. The red seats are already taken by other passengers, while the blue ones are the vacant seats you can book.
  6. Once you’ve selected your seats, proceed to payment through PayPal or bank deposit.
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Coda Lines will contact you on the day of your scheduled trip before your departure.

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PHOTO: Richard Mcall (from Pixabay)
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