Manila to launch state-of-the-art traffic command center

It's the Emergency Response Assistance Program
May 16, 2014 Philippine Car News - Manila to launch state-of-the-art traffic command center

Manila City will soon be on a par with cities like Taguig and Makati when it comes to traffic management, as it prepares to inaugurate its Manila Command Center, otherwise called the Emergency Response Assistance Program. (Check out the acronym for the program's name.)

Primarily designed as a crisis center for emergencies, the facility will also "serve as the nerve center as far as traffic management is concerned."

"This was one of the priority projects of Mayor Erap (Joseph Estrada) when he assumed office, and we immediately commenced working on it," said Manila vice mayor Isko Moreno. "I was lucky enough to have been given the chance to study crisis and leadership management at Harvard and Oxford so I can apply a little bit of what I learned from other countries."

Other than managing traffic, Moreno claims the command center will also improve the peace-and-order situation in the city.

"We have intelligent high-definition cameras installed all over the city, and hopefully it can help curb the alarming rate of criminality," he added.

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Photo from Isko Moreno's Facebook page

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