Mayor Vico Sotto’s first executive order suspends odd-even coding

As promised
by Drei Laurel | Jul 1, 2019

Pasig City’s new mayor, Vico Sotto, is delivering on his promise to suspend odd-even coding in his city.

In a Facebook post released by Sotto earlier this afternoon, he said that he has signed an executive order that includes the suspension of his city’s “disjointed and unjust” odd-even coding scheme. With this move, the mayor is following through on his vow to remove the traffic policy on his first day in office.

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A Traffic Management Task Force has also been assigned to review Pasig City’s transportation situation, as well as come up with ways to improve it, Sotto shares.

“The Traffic Management Task Force will review and propose new solutions for the current mobility and traffic situation,” Sotto says in his post. “We will make decisions based on the data and numbers. They have 45 days.

“This E.O. includes the suspension of the disjointed and unjust odd-even scheme.”

Back in March, Sotto claimed on Twitter to have been the only councilor to oppose the odd-even coding scheme, saying the policy was unfair and ineffective. Check it out: 

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What do you think about Mayor Sotto’s move to remove the odd-even coding scheme? Will it help improve the city’s traffic situation?

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