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Report: Partial operability of Metro Manila Subway delayed by 3 years to 2025

The project’s progress was affected greatly by the pandemic

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) initially planned to begin partial operations of the government’s big-ticket railway projects by 2022. However, it appears things aren’t going as smoothly as planned.

According to a report by, the DOTr has announced that the partial opening of the Metro Manila Subway project has been moved to 2025. This was due to challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The original timeline included the partial opening of the Metro Manila Subway by the first quarter of 2022, and completion by 2025. After the recent adjustments, the project is now expected to be finished by 2027. Once operational, the subway is expected to ferry about 370,000 passengers daily in its first year.

The Metro Manila Subway isn’t the only railway project to be affected by the pandemic. Had all of the DOTr’s plans pushed through as expected, then we would’ve seen other rail lines like the MRT-7 and LRT-1 Cavite Extension up and running by now. 

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