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MMDA proposal requires your brand-new car to have the same plate ending as your existing one

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Brace yourselves: The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) may soon have a new Infinity Stone at its disposal in its fight against traffic.

During a press briefing earlier today, MMDA chairman Romando Artes presented a new traffic-busting proposal to president Rodrigo Duterte: Issue the same license plate ending numeral to existing car owners registering an additional brand-new vehicle with the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

Essentially, this proposal hopes to eliminate the trend among more affluent motorists bypassing the number coding scheme by purchasing an additional vehicle with a different plate number ending.

MMDA license plate ending regulation proposal

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Sumulat naman po ang MMDA sa LTO para po yung bibili ng bagong sasakyan na meron na pong existing na sasakyan, ang ma-issue na plaka or ending plate [number] ng plaka ng bago nilang bili na sasakyan ay katulad na rin po ng existing na sasakyan nila,” Artes told the president towards the end of his presentation.

Kunyari po si Juan bumili ng sasakyan, meron na po siyang dating sasakyan na ang ending plate [number] po ay zero, i-encourage po natin sa LTO na ang i-issue pong plaka sa bago niyang sasakyan ay zero rin po para hindi po siya makaiwas sa number coding scheme.”

Frankly, this could be a game changer—one that many more affluent car owners or households may not be in favor of. Do you think this measure will help improve traffic within Metro Manila? Chime in.

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PHOTO: Jason Tulio
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