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MMDA wants designated bus and jeepney stops along Commonwealth Avenue

This is in addition to the revived motorcycle lane
Image of Commonwealth Avenue
PHOTO: Google Maps

A chaotic thoroughfare is a hazard for everybody—motorists, riders, and pedestrians alike. On a highway as wide as Commonwealth Avenue? A lack of organization isn’t just dangerous. It can be deadly.

In hopes of bringing some semblance of order to the country’s ‘Killer Highway,’ the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) plans to line it with designated bus and jeepney stops.

These new stops will be in addition to the revival of Commonwealth Avenue’s motorcycle lane. According to acting MMDA chairman Carlo Dimayuga III, the move will hopefully help restore order and safety to one of the city’s disorganized routes.

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“There should be designated bus and jeepney stops for passengers as part of road safety. It’s about time to instill road discipline among all passenger vehicles,” the official said during a recent preliminary meeting between the MMDA, concerned transport groups, and Quezon City’s local government.

“Through this, we could strategize on how the PUVs could maneuver to their designated stops. We would like to confine pedestrians to designated loading and unloading areas,” Dimayuga added.

Frankly, placing these stops will be easy. It’s getting PUVs and commuters to use them that may prove difficult. Do you think this will help solve the thoroughfare’s traffic issues? Sound off in the comments section.


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PHOTO: Google Maps
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