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A bike and e-kick scooter sharing program is set to be launched in BGC

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Even before COVID-19, mass transportation in the metro was already fraught with problems. But when the pandemic hit, it brought the transport sector to a sudden halt. Especially in the early days of the crisis, frontliners struggled to find alternative ways to get to their places of work.

Enter Moovr, the first-ever bike and e-kick scooter sharing program in the Philippines. By downloading the app, commuters would be able to have a last-mile transportation solution within Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Why in BGC? For now, the area has the infrastructure to accommodate bikers and pedestrians, but Moovr is looking forward to expanding to different cities in Metro Manila and even nationwide.

Upon downloading the app and registering, users can find the Moovr bike hub nearest them, then scan a QR code using the app to unlock a bike or an e-kick scooter. For bikes, there is a standard fare of P15 for the first 15 minutes, and P2 for every subsequent minute. For e-kick scooters, the standard fare is P50 for every 20 minutes. Payments are cashless, and users may top up their Moovr e-wallet through their credit cards, debit cards, and GCash.

There will be an initial 15 Moovr bike hubs where commuters can pick up and drop off bikes and e-kick scooters. For safety, Moovr provides its users with insurance that covers up to third-party liabilities. Users are advised to wear helmets and are responsible for bringing their own safety gear.

Moovr units may be rented for a maximum of 24 hours at a time. The bikes and the e-kick scooters are equipped with GPS for tracking. An alarm will be triggered once people take these personal mobility devices outside their area of operation.

The target launch date of Moovr is December 18, so soon enough, you’ll see Moovr bikes and e-kick scooters parked at hubs around BGC.

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PHOTO: Moovr
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