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Pillion riders aren’t allowed to wear slippers under single ticketing system

Take note, motorists and commuters
PHOTO: Jerome Ascano

The single ticketing system has been all over the news this week after the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), the Land Transportation Office (LTO), and select local government units in the city began the pilot implementation.

There still seems to be some confusion, however—no surprise there—about the violations listed under the new system. While authorities have shared a list, there’s one that’s a bit vague: the dress code violation for motorcycle riders.

MMDA says no digital fine payment during single ticketing system pilot run
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See, back then, authorities would only pull motorcycles over if the rider was wearing slippers. Under the single ticketing system, it appears even pillion riders are not exempt from the dress code. This was clarified in a recent video uploaded by Gadget Addict on Facebook showing one of the MMDA’s recent ops.

Motorcycle dress code Philippines:

Proper dress code for motoryclists in the metro

The general ruling is based on LTO Administrative Order No. 2008-015 entitled ‘Rules and regulations for the use and operation of motorcycles on highways,’ which penalizes riders for “wearing flip flops, sandals, or slippers or being rare footed while operating a motorcycle or scooter on a road or highway.”

Take note that with the single ticketing system in effect, enforcement will be uniform across the metro, so it won’t matter which city you’re in. If you’re the rider, make sure your passenger’s wearing the right gear. If you’re, say, a commuter on a motorcycle-taxi, then be advised.

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PHOTO: Jerome Ascano
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