ICYMI: Lambo loses rear wheel on EDSA, China withdraws loans for PH railway projects

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by TopGear.com.ph | Jul 17, 2022
PHOTO: I-ACT, Shutterstock, Bureau of Customs, Leandre Grecia

Lamborghini Aventador S loses rear wheel on EDSA

“Guys, if someone works on your wheels, always be sure to double-check the job afterward. Actually, scratch that—make sure you triple-check everything before driving out.

“A Lamborghini Aventador S went viral earlier today after it lost one of its rear wheels while driving along EDSA. There’s no indication as to what caused the mishap, but we can’t imagine something like this happening unless the wheel wasn’t securely fitted back into place after work was done.

“In a Facebook post, the Inter-Agency Council for Traffic (I-ACT) shared that the supercar’s driver was able to maintain control of his vehicle despite the wheel falling off.

“Images from the scene shared by the agency show damage to the Lamborghini’s rear fender, as well as an exposed brake caliper. Chances are the latter is going to cost a very pretty penny to fix.”


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China withdraws PH loan for Subic-Clark Railway, other projects

“Two major railway projects appear to have hit a snag in funding after their loan applications with the China Eximbank were withdrawn.

“In a statement, Department of Transportation (DOTr) undersecretary for rails Cesar Chavez said that the loan applications for the Subic-Clark Railway’s (SCRP) engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning (EPCC) contractor, and the PNR South Long Haul Project’s (SLH) design-build contractor with China Eximbank, had been revoked.

“According to Chavez, the loan applications for the projects were submitted to China Eximbank between 2021 and 2022. These, however, were only valid until May of this year, after which the applications would be considered “automatically withdrawn” if left unapproved.

“The DOTr is now coordinating with the DOF regarding how to move forward with the two rail projects, as well as the Mindanao Railway Project. This issue was last discussed during a July 12 cabinet meeting with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.”

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Bureau of Customs opts to auction off seized luxury cars

“It looks like the Bureau of Customs’ (BOC) days of crushing seized luxury cars have come to an end.

“During a press briefing, BOC commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero bared that the agency will no longer destroy seized luxury vehicles. Instead, the agency will auction them off to the public to generate funds.

“‘We have actually desisted from destroying itong mga luxury vehicles na ito, and opted to just auction them to be able to generate additional revenue,’ the official said. ‘This is as per instruction of the former secretary of Finance Carlos Dominguez.’

“The official said that an inter-agency committee composed of itself, the Bureau of Treasury, and the Land Bank of the Philippines has been formed to conduct the auction of seized luxury cars. The agency is also promising that the bidding process will be transparent, and is calling on members of the public to take part.


“Three seized luxury units were recently auctioned off, said Guerrero, and there are still over 20 units waiting for new owners. To avoid smugglers from taking part in the bidding process, the BOC is not permitting consignees with a record to join.

“As of now, only seized cars are being put up for auction. The BOC says, however, that it is working on making other seized goods available as well.”

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LTO extends validity of driver’s and conductor’s licenses, student permits expiring in July...

“As expected, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) isn’t just extending the validity of vehicle registrations expiring this month—the agency is doing the same for licenses and permits as well.


“The LTO has announced that the validity of driver’s licenses, student permits, conductor’s licenses, and medical certificates set to expire in July has now been extended for two months. That means you have until September 30 to renew your IDs. 

“Take note, too, that if your licenses and permits were set to expire in May and June, the validity of those documents have been extended to July 31 and August 31, respectively.”

Validity extension for driver’s licenses, student permits, conductor’s licenses for July 2022:


As well as the registration validity of vehicles with plates ending in 7

“Waiting on another registration validity extension from the Land Transportation Office (LTO)? Well, here it is: The agency has confirmed another extension for July.

“The LTO has confirmed that the registration of all motor vehicles with license plates ending in 7 will be valid until August 31, 2022. This comes after the agency extended the registration validity of vehicles with license plates ending in 6 last month.

“If you need a full guide regarding your car’s registration, you can click here. To know when your vehicle will need registering, you can check out this guide instead. As for the corresponding violations relating to vehicle registration, here’s a rundown.”

LTO registration extension for July 2022:


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PHOTO: I-ACT, Shutterstock, Bureau of Customs, Leandre Grecia
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