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Checklist: 60+ Parts that will be examined under LTO’s new Motor Vehicle Inspection System

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Recently, Top Bikes Philippines wrote about the list of requirements needed in the step-by-step process that vehicle owners can expect when their cars and motorcycles undergo inspection and testing under the soon-to-be-implemented Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS).

At least 32 new private motor vehicle inspection centers (PMVICs) will be operational once the Land Transportation Office (LTO) releases the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) for the MVIS. Twenty-six of these PMVICs are located in Metro Manila. A total of 138 PMVICs will be opened to accommodate vehicle owners across the country, resulting in the closure of around 1,000 private emission testing centers.

We can imagine the pandemonium this change will trigger during the transition period, so we’re here to help inform the motoring community on what’s going to happen soon. From just a single process (testing for emissions), the new MVIS will involve the ocular inspection and computer-assisted testing of at least 60 vehicle parts.

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It’s probably been a long time since you’ve last seen a comprehensive list of vehicle components that need to be inspected. If one of these parts does not pass the standards set by the LTO, you’ll effectively be forfeiting the testing fee (P1,800 for cars and P600 for motorcycles), unless the agency makes last-minute changes to the IRR. To give you enough time to prepare your vehicle, we’re listing the parts that need to be in good shape in order to pass the new MVIS process. Read on:

Above carriage:

  1. Body appearance
  2. Chassis
  3. Engine
  4. Handlebars (motorbikes)
  5. Wiper/washer
  6. Windshield/window glass (cracks, leaks)
  7. Headlights (illumination, proper beam level)
  8. Signal lights (front)
  9. Signal lights (rear)
  10. Parking lights (front)
  11. Parking lights (rear)
  12. Brake lights
  13. Reverse lights
  14. Clearance lights
  15. Number plate/lights
  16. Hazard lights
  17. Reflector lights
  18. Interior lights
  19. Top light (taxi units)
  20. Seatbelts
  21. Horn
  22. Door/hinges
  23. Floorboard
  24. Side/rearview mirrors
  25. Clutch system
  26. Brake system
  27. Driver/passenger seats
  28. Steering
  29. Tires/wheels (includes camber/alignment)
  30. Wheel bolts/nuts
  31. Fuel tank/cap
  32. Panel gauges


  1. Radiator
  2. Engine bracket/mounting
  3. Engine oil leakage
  4. Transmission oil leakage
  5. Steering ball joints
  6. Steering fluid leakages/gearbox mounting
  7. Steering idler/sector shaft
  8. Front shackle eyes/pins/bushes
  9. Rear shackle eyes/pins/bushes
  10. Stabilizers/bushes
  11. Kingpins and bearings
  12. Front suspension joints/bushes
  13. Rear suspension joints/bushes
  14. Rear linkages
  15. Brake hoses/pipes/cylinders
  16. Fuel hoses/pipes
  17. Spring U-bolts/nuts
  18. Spring clips
  19. Shock absorbers
  20. Driveshaft bolts/nuts
  21. Differential oil leakage
  22. Propeller-shaft coupling
  23. Exhaust pipes and silencer (noise level and leakages)
  24. Chassis frame
  25. Chassis cross-member
  26. Body floorboard
  27. Power steering
  28. Parking brake wire
  29. Mobile air conditioner (MAC)

Others: Early warning device, body color, speedometer calibration

Quite a long list, right? But you had better take this seriously—the test results will go straight to the LTO data bank since a PMVIC’s computer system is linked to the agency on a real-time basis.

NOTE: This article first appeared on Minor edits have been made.

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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