This P2P bus service is letting seniors ride for free this week

Happy Elderly Filipino Week!
by Drei Laurel | Oct 2, 2018
PHOTO: MetroExpress Connect

It's not easy being a senior commuter out there--especially in our age of non-stop road works and continually worsening traffic. If you're having a hard time dealing with your daily commute, just imagine how much more difficult it'd be if you were in your 60s.

This is why we think P2P bus service provider MetroExpress Connect's gesture is worth appreciating. In celebration of Elderly Filipino Week, the company will be offering senior citizens free rides this week, starting Wednesday, October 3.

From October 3 to 5, senior citizens can enjoy free P2P bus rides from Cavite to Makati City. Meanwhile, seniors can take advantage of the same promo from Cavite to Alabang and vice-versa from October 3 to 7.

Just remember: Elderly individuals who wish to avail of the free rides will have to present a valid ID showing his or her birthdate, or his or her ID issued by the Office for Senior Citizen Affairs--a simple enough regulation to follow.

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You can check out the Department of Transportation's full announcement below. Hopefully more P2P bus service provides follow in MetroExpress Connect's footsteps.

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PHOTO: MetroExpress Connect
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