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Papal visit to affect LRT-1 schedule

Light Rail Transit Line 1

It seems it won't be just motorists who will be affected by Pope Francis's visit to the Philippines. Commuters who will be using the Light Rail Transit Line 1 will have to make some adjustment as well.

With the Pope being lodged at the Apostolic Nunciature along Taft Avenue during his stay in Manila, the government has opted to close the LRT-1's Quirino Avenue station, which is located just several meters away, at certain hours of the day. So if you'll be using the LRT-1 and you either need to board or get off the aforementioned station, you'll have to make do with either the Vito Cruz or the Pedro Gil station.

Listed below are the times the LRT-1 Quirino Avenue station will be closed from January 15 to 19:

January 15 - 4pm to 10pm

January 16 - 5am to 10pm

January 17 - 5am to 9am and 5pm to 10pm

January 18 - 5am to 10pm

January 19 - 5am to 9am

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

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