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Pasay traffic officers

A reader who requested that his identity be withheld, submitted the following photos to us with this heading: "Pasay traffic officers are above the law." He then went on to narrate the incident...

Check out these two enforcers riding against the flow of traffic. One of them wasn't even wearing a helmet. This was taken on Domestic Road, right in front of Domestic Terminal 4. I saw them coming my way, and decided to stop right there in front of them. They wouldn't budge so I took out my phone and started taking pictures. That was when they started moving out of the way. I'll leave out what they shouted as they passed me.

Terrific. When will these scumbags stop torturing us? If you happen to know good people from Pasay's local government, would you be so kind as to share this information with them?


Pasay traffic officers

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