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Other cities could learn a thing or two from Pasig’s new pedestrian-friendly sidewalks

These provide easier access for most pedestrians and are wheelchair-friendly
Pasig City sidewalks
PHOTO: Vico Sotto on Facebook

There’s still a long way to go before we can really call Metro Manila walkable. Concerned government agencies really have their work cut out for them. At the very least, though, some progressive cities are taking matters into their own hands and making improvements at the local level.

Pasig City is one of them. Mayor Vico Sotto just shared the city’s new design for its sidewalks—low and flat, easier to access for PWDs especially those on wheelchairs. Sotto also shared how portions of these sidewalks already cost P500,000 to build.

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May mga challenge areas tayo dahil may mga poste sa ibang sidewalk na hindi basta-basta puwedeng tanggalin,” Sotto’s post read. “Meron lugar na masyadong manipis ang daanan. Pero ito na ang direksyon natin, para sa isang pedestrian-friendly Pasig.”

These sidewalks look quite promising, if you ask us. Sure, they’re not as wide as how many of us hope they’d be, but they’re better than borderline inaccessible elevated sidewalks that we see often around the metro. More of these, please?

New pedestrian-friendly sidewalks in Pasig City:

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PHOTO: Vico Sotto on Facebook
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