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Crashed Toyota Revo in Tungko, Bulacan

Yesterday, the trailer of a container truck crushed a hapless Toyota Revo when the former toppled to its side in slow-moving traffic. At the time of our posting of photos on our Facebook page, we didn't know what had caused the accident or what had happened to the passengers of the Revo.

We do now.

One of the Revo's passengers, Kristine Diane Rillo, has gotten in touch with to narrate the incident. According to Rillo, the Revo belongs to her family, and her father was driving it at the time of the accident. There were 11 of them inside the car, including her sister and her sister's one-year-old baby.

"My family was supposed to attend a relative's interment in Sapang Palay," recalls Rillo. "The incident happened in Tungko, in front of CLN Building. We were cruising slowly when suddenly, we felt a loud, heavy impact against the roof of our Revo. The trailer of a 40ft, 12-wheeler container truck tipped over."

Witnesses later told them that the trailer had been snagged by the low-lying cables overhead. Even so, it's safe to assume the container had not been locked in its place to prevent it from keeling over.

The Revo's passengers panicked at the point of impact.

"We wanted to get out quickly because we feared the possibility of getting crushed inside," Rillo shares. "The door at the back had been deformed and could not be opened. Our only means of egress were the middle and front doors on the passenger side. Thank God everyone was able to get out, and nobody got hurt or injured. All I was thinking of at that time was to get my one-year-old nephew out."

Good thing the Revo's roof held up. Fortunately, too, there were no other vehicles behind or beside the family's MPV.

Rillo says the incident took place at around 11am. "It resulted in really heavy traffic. Vehicles couldn't pass through. The road became passable only at around 2:30pm."

Our source also reveals that their Revo was traveling at a leisurely pace. So was the trailer truck. This, in other words, wasn't another case of a speeding, reckless truck driver.

"The driver of the truck did not flee. He was there up to the clearing operation. He and my father were both invited to the police precinct."

The trucking company, to its credit, even sent a car to the family so they could get to their destination.


The Revo, according to Rillo, is now at a car repair shop.

Referring to the photos we posted on our Facebook page, Rillo's sister, Pia Camille, even jokes about the accident. "Our family should get a new vehicle from Toyota, because the photos are like an advertisement for the brand."

Two lessons here? For private motorists, take extra caution whenever you're near a trailer truck. For trailer truck owners and drivers, always ensure that the container is firmly secure before the truck hits the road.

Photos from Kristine Diane Rillo


Crashed Toyota Revo in Tungko, Bulacan

Crashed Toyota Revo in Tungko, Bulacan

Crashed Toyota Revo in Tungko, Bulacan

Crashed Toyota Revo in Tungko, Bulacan

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