Entering or leaving QC during MECQ? Check if you need to apply for a travel pass

Here are the requirements and the guidelines
by Leandre Grecia | May 21, 2020
PHOTO: Lawrence Ruiz (from Wikimedia Commons)

Residents, employees, and business owners from Quezon City, take note: The local government unit has just released its latest travel pass guidelines that will be observed for the duration of the modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ).

In a nutshell, note that a travel pass isn’t always required when entering, leaving, or traveling within QC. Those going to work need only bring a company ID—if this is unavailable, a barangay quarantine pass will suffice.

All delivery, courier, and cargo services do not need a travel pass as well. The same goes for those who will reopen essential businesses in the city—you only need to present your Quezon City business permit if and when asked for proper documents. Finally, COVID-19 responders and authorized persons outside residence (APOR) will only need their health worker or medical ID, or any government-issued pass. For the list of APORs, check it out here.

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So, when is a travel pass needed, then? Well, a pass is needed whenever anyone wishes to travel from QC to a different LGU “for indispensable or emergency purposes.” A person who wants to enter the city for reasons other than those listed above must also secure a travel pass.

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If you need to apply for a travel pass, the Quezon City LGU has strongly advised that you do so via email; otherwise, you must submit your request letter to the Office of the City Administrator. Here are the necessary details you must provide:

  • Contact number
  • Destination
  • Place of origin
  • Date of travel
  • Reason for travel
  • Vehicle model and license plate details
  • Driver’s name
  • Names of passengers

In addition, you must also submit a copy of a photo-bearing government-issued ID as well as a health clearance from a medical doctor. Those applying via email may simply attach scanned copies to their requests.

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To read the full memo, you can check out the official Facebook post below:

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PHOTO: Lawrence Ruiz (from Wikimedia Commons)
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