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Black Honda Accord (ALF-888)

Last month, we posted a video on our Facebook page, showing CCTV footage of a March 14 accident in which a jaywalking pedestrian was hit and killed by a speeding black Honda Accord (with plate number ALF-888) on Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City. The image was so graphic--the victim's body went somersaulting in the air--that the video was viewed more than a million times after having been shared by more than 22,000 people.

The video got countless comments, too--mostly opposing views as to who really was at fault in the accident. While many people were of the belief that the victim himself was largely to blame for crossing a high-speed road that had a footbridge to begin with, most were also convinced that the Accord driver should be prosecuted for leaving the accident scene.

Nearly a month later and we have no clue about the progress of the case. Did the Accord driver turn himself in? Did the authorities find him? We imagine the latter isn't difficult to do, considering the car's plate number is known.

Well, someone sent us these photos with the following message:

Remember the black Honda that hit a kid on Commonwealth Avenue? It is a black Honda Accord with plate number ALF-888. I spotted it just last night, April 12, at around 9:00pm in the parking lot of SM Fairview. I took pictures of it, and asked the two security guards how long the car had been there. They said the car had parked there on the day itself. I told them to call the cops because this was the car that killed a kid nearly a month ago. They said they would via radio.

Having been assured by the guards that they would call the cops, I exited the parking lot. Luckily, I subsequently saw a police car. I approached the cops and told them about the car. I even showed them the CCTV footage of the accident, as well as the pictures I had taken of the car. So we went back to SM Fairview but found that the car was already gone. I asked the guards why they let the car go when I had specifically instructed them to report it to the police. They said they did so because the driver had his wife and kid for company. They didn't even bother stopping him.

One of the guards claimed he had radioed his supervisor. When one of the cops who came with me asked the guard what his supervisor said, the guard couldn't give an answer. When the cop asked for his name, the guard said they weren't allowed to give out their names. The security personnel of SM Fairview just didn't care. Kindly report this and please make me anonymous.


Again, we're publishing this without any knowledge about the development of the case. Although if a car had been involved in a fatal accident--especially one not even a month old--shouldn't it be in the custody of the police? Then again, the car could be released if and when the driver/owner settled with the victim's family.

Does anyone know what has happened to this case?


Black Honda Accord (ALF-888)

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