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Report: Only 7 out of 9,000 riders passed traffic safety exam

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The number of motorcycles on Philippine streets has increased substantially over the past few years. But do the riders operating them have the traffic know-how to keep themselves—as well as other motorists—safe?

If we’re going to go by a recent statement by an official of the Motorcycle Philippines Federation (MCPF), the answer might be no.

Speaking to ABS-CBN News, MCPF president Atoy Santa Cruz said that out of 9,000 riders who took his agency’s traffic rules exam over the past two years, only seven managed to pass. 

That’s less than 0.10%—a ridiculously alarming figure, if you ask us. According to Santa Cruz, the tests were given to the riders prior to MCPF seminars regarding road safety.

The result is why the MCPF is expressing support for Senate Bill 1822. Filed by Senator JV Ejercito, the bill aims to make passing a safety training program mandatory for motorcycle riders hoping to register their vehicle with the Philippine Land Transportation Office (LTO). It is now pending in the committee level.

Matagal na naming hinahangad na matupad iyan,” Santa Cruz told ABS-CBN News. For everyone’s sakes, we hope it passes into law, too.

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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