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It’s alarming just how many riders in Metro Manila hate wearing helmets

Really, what gives?
rider without motorcycle helmet flagged down by MMDA enforcers
PHOTO: Gadget Addict on Facebook

When you say motorcycle safety gear, what’s the first piece of equipment that comes to mind? A helmet, right? We thought so, too. Apparently, though, most riders in Metro Manila don’t seem to think the same way as most of us do.

See, we’ve been closely following the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA) road-clearing operations through various Facebook videos, and we’ve noticed that there’s not one full clip that didn’t show a rider getting apprehended for failure to wear a motorcycle helmet.

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The latest footage from the agency’s recent ops in Caloocan City just reinforces that. There was even one rider that got flagged for not wearing a helmet and then proceeded to get ticketed for the exact same violation just 30 minutes later—he even brought a pillion rider with him that second time. And yes, you guessed it, said pillion didn’t have a helmet either.

We really don’t get what’s so difficult about wearing a helmet. We know diyan lang ako’ gang riders will have their reasons, but we’re not hearing them. ‘Safety first’ should always be the mindset, regardless of the distance you’re riding.

If you want to understand our frustration (and perhaps confusion) better, you can just check out the full clip below.


MMDA flags down dozens of riders without motorcycle helmets:

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PHOTO: Gadget Addict on Facebook
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