Roger Rodas sustained injuries worse than those of Paul Walker

And he neither had drugs nor alcohol in his system
Jan 6, 2014


Earlier today, we shared the findings of the Los Angeles County Coroner\'s Office on the death of Paul Walker. Well, we\'ve just read the agency\'s report on Roger Rodas\'s death, and his injuries were much worse than Walker\'s. Rodas and Walker were friends and business partners at the Always Evolving aftermarket tuning company.

According to the report, Rodas sustained major head trauma \"with the top portion of his skull fractured and his brain exposed.\" And like Walker, the extent of Rodas\'s injuries made him \"not a viable candidate for tissue donation.\"

However, while Walker\'s autopsy report indicated that he died with traces of soot within his trachea, which means he was still alive shortly after the crash, soot was absent in Rodas\'s trachea, indicating that he died during the crash \"of severe blunt head, neck and chest trauma.\"

Rodas\'s toxicology report also noted that neither drugs nor alcohol was detected in his system.

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With the release of Walker\'s and Rodas\'s autopsy reports, let\'s hope that everyone will now let their souls rest in peace.

Photo from AE Performance\'s Facebook page

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