Senate committees approve legalizing motorcycle taxis as PUVs

A step closer to signing the Motorcycles-for-Hire Act into law
by Leandre Grecia | Feb 13, 2020
PHOTO: Leandre Grecia

Things are starting to look up for Angkas, JoyRide, and MoveIt.

Following the announcement that the assigned technical working group (TWG) of the Department of Transportation has agreed to continue and further expand the ongoing motorcycle-taxi pilot run, two separate Senate committees have now approved the bill legalizing motorcycles-for-hire as public utility vehicles (PUVs). To be exact, 16 senators signed their approval of The Motorcycles-for-Hire Act.

Under the bill, motorcycle taxis are classified as PUVs regulated by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). It defines motorcycles-for-hire as two-wheeled motor vehicles that are registered with the Land Transportation Office (LTO), and which “[transport] passengers and goods on a for-hire basis, and may utilize online ride-hailing or pre-arranged transportation platforms.”

As for the specifications, the operating motorcycles must weigh less than 1,000kg, is capable of running north of 50kph, packs an engine with a displacement of no less than 125cc, and has a backbone-type built.

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If and when the bill is signed into law, the three main motorcycle-taxi service providers—along with any future operators—will officially be considered as PUVs, granted their riders follow the necessary procedures for public transportation vehicles set by both the LTO and LTFRB.

The bill will require further approval in succeeding Senate hearings, but this initial approval bodes well for riders and commuters alike, especially since March 23, the official end of the pilot run, is right around the corner.

What do you think about the legalizing of these motorcycle ride-hailing services?

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PHOTO: Leandre Grecia
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