PH Senate currently working on a 'Proof-of-Parking Space Act'

Are you in favor of this?
by Drei Laurel | Oct 14, 2018
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Prospective car owners might soon have to prove they have adequate parking before driving home with a new ride.

According to a Senate press release, Senate Bill No. 201, dubbed the Proof-of-Parking Space Act, is currently in the works. If passed, this would require individuals and businesses based within Metro Manila to execute an affidavit confirming “they have acquired, either through purchase or lease, a parking space for the vehicle sought to be purchased.”

Under the Proof-of-Parking Space Act, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and local government units will conduct “frequent ocular inspections of major and minor thoroughfares across the National Capital Region.” The agency will also be tasked with removing illegally parked cars, and punishing motorists who refuse to comply.

The concept really here is responsibility when you buy vehicles. We are now putting the responsibility on the car owners. If you buy cars, you have to make sure that you have a parking space for your own vehicle, said Senator Win Gatchalian, the bill’s author.

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I think this is quite relevant at this time because, if you try to pass the side streets to avoid traffic in major thoroughfares, there is a greater chance that you'll get stuck in traffic due to the cars parked along the narrow streets, he added.

Gatchalian also emphasized that local government units will have to lead the way in enforcing the Proof-of-Parking Space Act: It is better to have a national policy so that the local governments may impose that national law. The local governments are also quite sensitive to the comments of their own constituency. In this proposal, we are giving them ample time to locate their own parking spaces.”

If passed, Senate Bill No. 201 has the potential to reshape not just our traffic situation, but the entire car-buying process as well. Are you in favor of this?

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PHOTO: Google Maps
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