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Senate condemns PMVIC revival, labels new inspection guidelines a ‘mutated variant’

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Earlier this month, motorists were surprised by the sudden revival of controversial Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (PMVIC). Now, a member of the Philippine Senate is expressing his displeasure over the move. 

In a statement, senate president pro tempore Ralph Recto blasted the revival of PMVICs, labeling its new guidelines a “mutated variant” set loose on motorists.

“It has been put into a coma upon orders of Malacañang. Now it appears that it has mutated into something else,” Recto said, calling on authorities to clear up “specs of this new order from Land Transportation Office (LTO), whose PMVIC services seems to border on the mandatory.

Under Department of Transportation (DOTr) memorandum circular no. 2021-02, PMVICs are now each assigned a geographical area of responsibility (GAOR). If an LTO office happens to fall under a PMVIC’s GAOR, it may only accept vehicle inspection reports from its assigned facility.

Ang pakiusap lang po natin sa ating mga kaibigan sa LTO at DOTR ay ipaliwanag ang pangangailangan nito at ipakita ang legal na batayan kung bakit binuhay nila ang ganitong programa,” Recto added, asking if these new guidelines were given the go-signal by the Office of the President.

According to Recto, the LTO must now clarify the scope of PMVIC inspections and their corresponding fees. He also warned that this issue may end up tarnishing the good done in other transportation sectors such as railways and airports.

“To its credit, airports, seaports, and railways are being built and completed. Why contaminate a nice report card by forcefully ramming a scheme, which as presented, breeds confusion and complications?” the senator asked.

Recto also stressed that blaming poorly-maintained vehicles for every road accident only absolves reckless drivers and the government’s failure to provide a safe driving environment of responsibility.

Kahit F1 team pa ang maintenance ng Vios mo, pero may underpass na walang ilaw, barriers na hipan lang talsik na at nakakalitong road signs, madidisgrasya ka talaga.”

Something tells us this issue is far from nearing its end. What other adjustments do you think have to be made regarding PMVICs? If the idea isn’t eventually scrapped altogether, at least. Let us know in the comments.

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PHOTO: Jerome Ascaño
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