Should traffic education be taught in PH classrooms?

MMDA chairman thinks so
by Drei Laurel | May 25, 2016


Why is Metro Manila the traffic violation capital of Southeast Asia? Two main reasons: lack of discipline and lack of information. Hopefully, our incoming President can help address that first bit, but the second one? It's going to take more than a few fines and citations to correct.

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman Emerson Carlos believes that the solution can be found in the Philippine educational system. Specifically, Carlos thinks traffic education should begin as early as high school, before young drivers apply for a student driver's permit.

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"Kailangan siguro, mag-insert na ng traffic education sa curriculum natin," he said. "Hindi para sa grade school kundi para sa high school. Kasi yun ang tamang age. Ito ang panahon na gustong-gusto nilang matutong mag-drive. Between the ages of 14 and 16, yung level na yan dapat siguro tayo mayroong traffic education, which should be mandatory. Hindi kung sino lang may gusto ng traffic education."

We have to agree with him. Seeing Filipinos disregard basic road signs and markings is like watching a blind person walk right into a minefield. The worst part is that many of us don't learn specific rules until we're being written a violation ticket--or worse, when we're already in a hospital room.

Carlos added that the government had already tried in the past to implement traffic education in grade school, but the efforts failed to bear fruit. According to him, this was as far back as two administrations ago when a module was presented to the Department of Education.

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Do you agree with the MMDA boss? Let's make it happen then.


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