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Report: Traffic violations across LGUs to be unified via ‘single ticketing system’

Metro Manila really needs this
motorist surrendering his driver’s license to an LTO officer
PHOTO: Land Transportation Office on Facebook

What’s the biggest hassle when it comes to settling traffic penalties in Metro Manila? In our book, it’s when you commit a violation in one local government and have to drive over because you reside in another.

Imagine living in Fairview and having to drive all the way to Makati City to settle on weekday? It’s a pain in the a**, right? Apparently, NCR mayors agree, because it appears something may soon be done about it.

According to a report by Radyo Pilipinas, the National Capital Region’s (NCR) mayors have unanimously agreed that all LGUs should unify traffic fines through a “single ticketing system” under a Metro Manila Traffic Code.

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No specifics regarding this plan yet, but a technical working group (TWG) has already been formed for the creation of such a system. Also, a meeting was recently held between the technical working group and the heads of various LGUs, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), and the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

The report adds that the goal of this development is in line with efforts to traffic enforcement with the LTO in order to create a standard for the apprehension of traffic violators across Metro Manila.

This sounds promising. Another meeting with the TWG is scheduled for later this month. What developments would you like to come out of it? Chime in.


Single ticketing system eyed for NCR

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PHOTO: Land Transportation Office on Facebook
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