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Only Class 1 vehicles with Autosweep RFIDs can use Skyway Stage 3 starting next week

No trucks will be allowed entry, and no cash lanes will be open
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We already know that on July 12, 2021, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) will start collecting toll fees along Skyway Stage 3. Now, though, SMC has announced that starting that date, the elevated tollway will be officially a no-truck zone as well.

In its latest advisory, SMC confirmed that only Class 1 vehicles will be allowed passage through Skyway Stage 3. Also, these vehicles must also have Autosweep RFIDs installed. So, just to be clear, no cash lanes will be opened here.

SMC president and chief operating officer Ramon S. Ang said that these decisions aim to address the safety concerns along the elevated tollway as well as to reduce the risk of further COVID-19 spread.

“We continue to look for ways to improve safety and user experience on our expressways, especially the new Skyway 3,” said Ang. “We have implemented a number of measures to ensure safety, prevent over-speeding, and facilitate the more efficient flow of vehicles while still providing motorists significantly reduced travel times.”

Ang also said that limiting the use of Skyway Stage 3 to only Class 1 vehicles will ensure safety for all users and will help further decongest public roads.

“With more private vehicles diverted to Skyway 3, our public roads will be freed up and decongested. This will benefit, number one, our public transportation and commuters,” added Ang. “It will also be beneficial to transporters of goods, who can opt to use the at-grade sections of the Skyway system where tolls are lower, as well as public roads which are free, as they are subsidized by the government.”

Now, as for the exact toll rates that a lot of people have been asking about, we’re still trying to get confirmation regarding the matter and will update this story once we have more details. Watch this space.

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PHOTO: Shutterstock
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