Skyway reverts to 'pay as you enter' after traffic nightmare

Yes please
by Drei Laurel | Jan 30, 2018

Your prayers haven't fallen on deaf ears.

Following criticism and online bashing from the traffic caused by a newly opened toll collection system near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on-ramp, Skyway management has decided to revert to the "pay as you enter" toll scheme.

This is effective for private cars coming from Alabang, Sucat and Bicutan starting 10pm tonight, January 30. Class 2 vehicles—meaning buses and delivery vans—must still use the Runway Toll Plaza for cash payments.

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Skyway management released a statement, announcing the change and apologizing for any inconveniences it may have caused motorists. "While we exerted every effort to lessen the impact of the transition, which we anticipated and communicated early on, we recognize that at this point, full implementation may not be feasible, without severely affecting our motorists."

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"As always, we continue to adjust to our motorists’ needs, and that includes exploring better ways to implement this transition to a new toll collection system in the future. We still believe the new system can benefit a greater number of people over the long term," the statement continues, adding that the company is "committed" toward solving traffic congestion.

So, back to normal traffic levels tomorrow then? We hope this means yes.


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PHOTO: Skyway O&M Corporation
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