Solon wants new speed limits for national and local roads

Different limits for different types of road
Dec 16, 2013


Rep. Enrique Cojuangco (1st District, Tarlac) has filed a bill that will set the speed limits on both national and local roads \"to minimize vehicular accidents.\"

According to Cojuangco, House Bill 3377 would give all government agencies \"a clear and uniform rule to follow.\"

\"The bill seeks to update the present rules and regulations on road safety and traffic management by including freeways or the controlled access highways in the classification of roads and set a uniform speed,\" Cojuangco added. \"The present law does not include in its classification the class of controlled-access freeways or highways, and it does not specify the allowable speed limit for such class of roads.\"

Based on the bill, the allowable speed limit on an open country road with no blind corners and not closely bordered by habitation is 80kph for cars and motorcycles and 50kph for trucks and buses.

On boulevards that are clear of traffic and with no blind corners, the speed limit is 40kph for cars and motorcycles and 30kph for trucks and buses.

On city and municipal roads with light traffic, the speed limit is 20kph for cars and motorcycles and 30kph for trucks and buses.

On crowded streets approaching intersections and blind corners, or passing school zones, the speed limit is 20kph for cars and motorcycles and 20kph for trucks and buses.

Lastly, on expressways or highways \"designed exclusively for high-speed traffic,\" the speed limit is 130kph for cars and motorcycles and 110kph for trucks and buses.

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