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Wrong parking

Drivers who don't know how to park properly are everywhere. They seem to exist just to annoy and inconvenience us. And the irritation that they cause others is so severe that someone actually thought of producing a sticker that says "I PARK LIKE AN IDIOT" and asking people to reprint and stick it to any atrociously parked vehicle they chance upon out there. The sticker went viral and--as far as we know--there were indeed individuals who reprinted and used it.

The idea is funny and seems like a harmless enough way to let the owner of the improperly parked car know about his/her insensitivity (or, let's face it, plain idiocy).

When we received these photos (taken in Glorietta) of a badly parked Honda CR-V from a reader who requested anonymity, we thought he had reprinted the above-mentioned sticker and that he wanted to show us how he stuck it to the erring vehicle. Well, he did stick something to the CR-V's windshield, but the close-up shot of the Post-it note surprised us. (Well, okay, it also flattered us and cracked us up.)

But guys, please don't do this again. The owner of the vehicle might hate us. Anyway, scroll down to see what the message was.


Wrong parking

Wrong parking

Vernon B. Sarne
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