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Bicycle accident in the Philippines

We apologize if your stomach feels like a prison riot right now, but we did warn you that the image you'd see here is very graphic. No, we weren't desperate for page views. We just really wanted to share the risks that bicycle users face in this country on a daily basis.

This photo has been circulating on social media today, and we feel our readers who are also into cycling should know about this unfortunate incident. We got this particular photo from the Facebook page of Nathan Buenconsejo. One thing that's very clear in this photograph is this: You can wear all the safety gear money can buy, but accidents like this can and will strike you if the stupid four-wheel motorists around you are, well, stupid. This is not to say you should abandon riding your bicycle altogether. This is just to encourage you to take even more caution when you bike on public roads.

We'd like to share some helpful riding tips we found on the thread of comments, posted by Patrick Tan:

* Hold your space in the lane. Always make sure that if someone cuts you from the right or from the left, there is some space to move away.

* Ride as if you are invisible. Make believe no driver can see you.

* Look as far ahead on the road as possible, and anticipate the moves of other drivers.

* Ride a predictable line so you don't surprise the drivers around you.

* Be very conservative but at the same time aggressive enough so the passing traffic is no more than 20% faster than you.

* Ride with blinking headlights turned on night and day.

* The best horn is your scream. Scream or shout if you have to--it's faster and more effective than using horns or bells.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim. Take care, everyone. Let's all safely share the road.

Vernon B. Sarne
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