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LTO: Here are the top 10 traffic violations for 2018 so far

PHOTO: Niky Tamayo

In the Philippines, more cars on the road means more violations. And with last year’s pre-Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law shopping spree, whether or not the Land Transportation Office (LTO) would have its hands full in 2018 was a matter of when, not if.

The LTO’s semi-annual report for 2018 paints a pretty clear picture of its workload this year, and let’s just say we’re thankful not to be in that line of work.

In 2017, a total of 296,448 motorists were apprehended by the agency nationwide. This figure jumped to 329,538 so far in 2018, and the LTO isn’t even done counting—we’ll have to wait for the full annual report for the complete numbers.

We got to wondering exactly what the top violations are in 2018, and thankfully, the report contains an answer for that, too. Read below:

LTO semi-annual report: Top 10 traffic violations

  1. Not wearing seatbelt63,215 incidents
  2. Failure to wear helmet48,734 incidents
  3. No OR/CR on hand25,087 incidents
  4. Driving without license23,458 incidents
  5. Unregistered/invalid motor vehicle registration16,339 incidents
  6. Reckless driving (first, second, and third offense) 13,836 incidents
  7. Obstruction13,629 incidents
  8. No spare tire 5,290 incidents
  9. Axle overloading4,881 incidents
  10. Student driver operation motor vehicle without accompanying licensed driver4,293 incidents

Seriously, guys? Not wearing your seatbelts, not wearing your helmets? That’s a ton of violations, and again, the LTO isn’t even done counting. So what do you think the full picture will look like when the annual report comes out in 2019?


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PHOTO: Niky Tamayo
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