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The new 4km Sison-Rosario TPLEX segment is open this holiday season

This section will be open until January and passage is free
PHOTO: dmitrivalencia (from YouTube)

Driving up to Baguio City is a pretty big task in and of itself, and come the holidays, the trip up to the mountains becomes all the more difficult. This season, though, the annual Christmas rush has been paired with the indefinite closure of Kennon Road and this has made driving up to the nation’s summer capital borderline unbearable.

Luckily for those set to drive up north in the coming weeks, an extension of the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX) has recently been opened, at least for the meantime. According to a Rappler report, the said extension is the 4km Sison-Rosario segment that is expected to ease up traffic in the surrounding areas and shorten travel time going up to Baguio by up to 30 minutes. It is parallel to the existing highway usually traversed by motorists.

This final TPLEX segment will only be accessible to motorists until January—albeit no specific date has been given yet—after which construction will fully resume until completion.

As an added bonus, we’ve included here a progress update video from our resident YouTuber dmitrivalencia. You can check out the guy’s drone video of the ongoing construction along TPLEX below:

So, what do you think? Will you be making a trip up north during this holiday season to try this new road out?

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PHOTO: dmitrivalencia (from YouTube)
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