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UBE Express NAIA P2P buses resume full operations

PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

Last week, UBE Express temporarily suspended the operations of its Araneta-NAIA P2P buses until further notice. This was then followed by several trip cancellations due to the recent Typhoon Paeng. Now, the company has resumed full operations for all of its routes.

It was just announced that the NAIA P2P buses from Araneta City, Robinsons Santa Rosa, Robinsons Place Manila, Ayala Malls South Park, and Victory Liner Pasay Terminal are once again available. Take note, especially for any of you who have had to rebook your flights over the weekend in light of the storm.

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The schedules for each route varies. We’ve compiled them below for your reference. Spread the word, readers.

UBE Express Araneta City-NAIA P2P bus schedule

UBE Express Robinsons Santa Rosa-NAIA P2P bus schedule

UBE Express Robinsons Place Manila-NAIA P2P bus schedule

UBE Express Ayala Malls South Park-NAIA P2P bus schedule

UBE Express Victory Liner Pasay-NAIA P2P bus schedule

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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