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Manila City announces Undas road closures from October 31 to November 2

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Motorists planning to be in Manila City over the Undas holidays are going to want to take note of some road closures the local government will be implementing.

From October 31 to November 2, that’s Monday to Wednesday next week, the following stretches of roads will be closed to vehicular traffic:

Manila City Undas road closures

  1. Stretch of Aurora Boulevard from Dimasalang Road to Rizal Avenue
  2. Stretch of Dimasalang Road from Makiling Street to Blumentritt Road
  3. Stretch of P. Guevarra Street from Cavite Street to Pampanga Street
  4. Stretch of Blumentritt Road from A. Bonifacio to P. Guevarra Street
  5. Stretch of Retiro from Dimasalang Road to Blumentritt Extension
  6. Stretch of Leonor Rivera from Cacite Street to Aurora Boulevard

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In anticipation of these road closures, the local government has announced the following alternate routes for the area’s public utility jeepneys (PUJ):

Manila City Undas alternate routes

  1. PUJs coming from Rizal Avenue/Blumentritt shall take a right to L. Rivera or Isagani then a right to Antipolo to point of destination.
  2. PUJs coming from Amoranto Street (from Quezon City) shall make a right to Calavite then a right to A. Bonifacio Avenue to the point of destination. Loading and unloading zones will be located before Amoranto/Calavite.
  3. PUJs coming from Dimasalang shall make a right to Makiling Street and then may make a right to Maceda Street to the point of destination. Loading and unloading zones will be located after Maceda/Makiling.

Manila City adds that both Retiro and Laon Laan will be treated as tow-away zones next week. Below is a list of designated parking areas:

Designated parking areas

  1. Craig Street
  2. Simon Street
  3. F. Huertas Street
  4. Bulacan Street
  5. Tecson Street
  6. P. Guevarra Street
  7. Sulu Street
  8. Oroquieta Street
  9. Metrica Street
  10. Natividad Street
  11. M. Hizon Street
  12. Kalimbas Street

As usual, expect a buildup of traffic near and heading toward the city’s cemeteries. So, are you stains in the city over the long weekend?

Manila City road closures

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PHOTO: Google Maps
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