Motoring organization has solution to thwart texting while driving

An eye-opener for drivers
May 10, 2012

Text-messaging has allowed people to constantly keep in touch with anyone at any time of the day. But as much as this has been a boon for society, one ugly side to it is that we are sometimes so engrossed with reading and typing messages on our mobile phones, it even distracts us while we're doing something that requires our full and undivided attention--like driving.

Well, one motoring organization in Europe believes it may have the answer in deterring people from this form of distracted driving: by telling student drivers that they need to pass a texting-while-driving test to obtain a driver's license.

While that sounds simple enough, the driving instructor tells them that one component of the test involves the student drivers having to avoid an obstacle on the road while driving and texting simultaneously. Making the test even more difficult is that the instructor will also check if all the words in the message are spelled correctly.

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While the test isn't real, it did make the student drivers realize that if texting while driving is already difficult in a controlled environment, it could be potentially fatal in public.

Do you think a test like this should be made standard practice by the Land Transportation Office for new license applicants? After all, the Philippines is reportedly the text-messaging capital of the world.

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