Mr. Bean crashes his McLaren F1...again

We feel sorry for both the car and the driver Philippine Car News - Mr. Bean crashes his McLaren F1...again

British comedian Rowan Atkinson, more popularly known as Mr. Bean, reportedly crashed his McLaren F1 again. The damage this time, however, is much more extensive.

British tabloid The Daily Mirror said Atkinson was driving the McLaren F1 when he apparently lost control of the vehicle, which then spun several times before it crashed into a tree and a lamppost. It stopped by the side of the road and caught fire.

Atkinson was reportedly able to extricate himself from his wrecked supercar and was looked after by another motorist until paramedics arrived. The actor was taken to a hospital while firefighters doused the flames on his car.

This isn't the first time that Atkinson damaged his McLaren F1. In October 1999, Atkinson rear-ended a Rover Metro. In true "Mr. Bean" fashion, the collision reportedly caused the Metro's rear wheels to rest on the McLaren F1's low carbon-fiber bonnet.

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