Our October issue has a 32-page supplement on automotive tools

Presented by Handyman

The Toolbox

Our Luxury Issue (October 2012) comes with a 32-page supplement called The Toolbox: Your Handy Manual For Choosing The Right Automotive Tools. Presented by Handyman, the booklet is a practical guide for motorists on which basic tools they need to care for their car or to prepare for an emergency.

The booklet is divided into three parts:

1. Garage must-haves: Know which indispensable tools you need to buy for your garage or personal service area. This section features hand tools, detailing tools, power tools, and maintenance items;

2. Trunk essentials: While it's not possible to bring every tool with you on the road--not least because this will give you a weight handicap--there are specific tools you absolutely need to put in the car for when the need arises. Find out which tools and items these trunk essentials are; and

3. Don't leave home without 'em: There are items that are not necessarily tools but which can save you a great deal of time, effort and even money when you encounter an emergency on the road--stuff like nylon cable ties, duct tape and a cutter, among others. Have these things at the ready and you can be a motoring MacGyver.

The Toolbox comes free with every copy of our October 2012 issue. Grab a copy today!

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