Petron launches \'Passion for Porsche\' toy-car promo

Head-to-head with Shell\'s Lego Ferrari promo
Nov 4, 2012


Immediately after Shell introduced its Lego Ferrari toy-car promo last October 26, Petron Corporation launched its \"Passion for Porsche\" toy-car marketing campaign on November 1st. As with Shell\'s promo, Petron customers get the chance to buy exclusive toy cars for every single or accumulated purchase of Petron products (Blaze 100, XCS, Xtra Unleaded, Turbo Diesel and Diesel Max). But while Shell\'s promo requires patrons to buy P1,500 worth of fuel, Petron\'s marketing gimmick only asks clients to get P1,000 worth of gasoline or diesel.

Five Porsche toy cars are up for grabs at P180 apiece: the Carrera, the Cayman, the Panamera, the Cayenne and the GT3 RSR. (The GT3 RSR will be available starting December 1, 2012.) These Porsche toy cars seem to be just as fun--if not even more so--as their Lego Ferrari counterparts. According to Petron, the Porsche toy cars feature horn, alarm and revving-engine sounds; opening doors; LED head and rear lights; and pull-back action. It isn\'t clear, however, if these toys are made of die-cast metal or plastic.

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Petron\'s promo also runs longer: up to January 31, 2013. It\'s now just a matter of brand preference: Porsche or Ferrari? Better yet: Petron or Shell?

Anyway, why don\'t you take our poll below?

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