PIMS teaser: Honda to show off personal mobility device

Is this the future of transport?
Aug 10, 2010

While other carmakers and distributors will showcase new vehicle models and concept cars at the third Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS), Honda Cars Philippines will take a different path by unveiling a one-wheel personal mobility device.

Called the U3-X, Honda’s personal mobility device debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2009 before going to various motor shows around the globe. Last March, TopGear.com.ph witnessed it being demonstrated at the Bangkok International Motor Show (see photos from the event in the gallery below).

A similar demonstration will take place at the Honda booth inside the World Trade Center in Pasay City at 2 p.m. on August 19, the first day of the Philippine International Motor Show.

The U3-X is equipped with the Honda Omni Traction Drive System, which uses a series of concentrically-mounted wheels: a larger, forward-and-backward-moving inner wheel and a series of smaller sideways-moving outer wheels. To move diagonally, both forward and sideways moving wheels simply operate in tandem. This world’s first system allows the U3-X rider to move simply by slightly leaning to the direction where he wants to go.

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The U3-X is lightweight at 22 pounds, and compact with a foldable seat and retractable footrests.

Powering the personal mobility device is a lithium-ion battery pack which may be recharged using a conventional 120-volt outlet. A fully-charged U3-X can run for up to one hour.

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Photos by Patrick Everett Tadeo


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