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Robert Carabuena

On August 11, a news crew of TV5 chanced upon--and videotaped--a private car owner wildly losing it and venting his anger on a poor and defenseless MMDA traffic constable. When the television network aired the video, news spread like a virus over the Internet. The rampaging road bully was identified as one Robert Blair Carabuena, apparently a recruitment officer at Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco.

The MMDA traffic enforcer was identified as Saturnino Fabros, and told interviewers that he was directing traffic at an intersection when Carabuena ignored his signal to stop. Fabros said that when he approached Carabuena's car and asked him why he proceeded in spite of the MMDA enforcer's hand gesture to stop, Carabuena got out of his car and started verbally and physically assaulting him. Another guy in the video is understood to be Carabuena's companion.

The short, 26-second clip shows Carabuena berating Fabros before finally hitting him in the face.

We posted the video and a couple of photos on our Facebook page. Naturally, people took the liberty to give their brutally frank opinion on the incident. Here are the 10 best and most sensible comments (we are leaving out the colorful ones that are peppered with foul words):

1. If the (MMDA) officer were his size, would he dare do the same thing?Christopher Emmanuel

2. A country where people rule the law, and justice is on the verge of extinction. Pathetic and insane. This person should be traced and pinned down for mistreating and slapping a law enforcer.Falcon International Student Services

3. This S.O.B. accosted and manhandled a person in authority. Inexcusable conduct like he was never educated. A week in the Quezon City jail should straighten him out. He'll need Vaseline. - Rafael Alunan III

4. I am somewhat guilty when it comes to being mad at MMDA officers, pero never akong nanakit. Nagtatrabaho lang naman sila, di ba?Niko Stefan Albano

5. Papaano pa gagalangin ang MMDA enforcers niyan kung hahayaan na lang na ganyan ang gawin sa kanila, Chairman Francis Tolentino? - Leo Sarne

6. Okay, I'm with you with the whole nobody-has-the-right-to-treat-another-person-this-way comment, but at the same time, I am not 100% siding with this MMDA traffic enforcer until I hear the whole story behind this. Because believe it or not, these MMDA officers tend to be abusive at times. - Gabriel Mendoza

7. Ateneo de Manila? Goes to show you can pay for school but you can't buy class.Miguel Pillas


8. Regardless of your reasons, aggression is really ugly! Humility is a virtue we should all remember. I pity the poor MMDA officer who turned out to have more breeding by walking away. - Valerie Tan Sison

9. If justice isn't served even after all that has been said about this, I really think we're screwed!Alyssa Sunshine Gilbero

10. Guys, what he did was not right, but we shouldn't fight fire with fire. You guys cyber-bullying him will just prove that bullying others is okay. Let due process be done so that justice can be served properly. - Drew Perez

Let us end this with something that we've already posted on our Facebook page: "We don't care how this incident started, nobody has the right to treat another person--especially one who's merely performing a low-paying job just to put food on the table--this way. Some people's sense of entitlement is sickening."

If you still have something to say about the matter, the comments box below is waiting for you.


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