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Underbone riders have a shot at P200k by joining the Angkas Dream Cup

Round 2 is this weekend
PHOTO: Angkas

It goes without saying that racing should take place on the track and not public roads. That said, booking a proper setting is easier said than done, so opportunities like the Angkas Dream Cup should be taken full advantage of.

Round 2 of the 2022 Angkas Dream Cup’s underbone category will be taking place at the Batangas Racing Circuit on July 3. As implied, the competition is open to underbone motorbike models with a displacement of 150cc and up. Oh, and have we mentioned that there’s no entry fee?

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The season’s overall team champion will ride away with a sizable P200,000, with second and third place carrying P150,000 and P100,000 prizes, respectively. The team champion of the second leg this weekend, though, is only guaranteed P10,000.

Solo winners, meanwhile, are looking at up to P25,000 if they finish first. Second and third get P15,000 and P10,000, respectively. If you plan on spectating this weekend, qualifying races take place on July 2, with real competition kicking in the day after. Race times are from 7am to 5pm.

Those are some relatively modest stakes (though Angkas is claiming these are the highest cash prizes in the motorsport’s history), but this is a great chance for underbone riders to show off their skills in a proper setting. Planning to drop by?

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PHOTO: Angkas
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